Au Royaume-Uni en Décembre 2019 Paw Velvet obtient de superbes résultats !!!

December 22, 2019

Result as follows from Velvet we managed to Achieve 10 out of the 14 judging rings with 2 best short haired cat finals.. and another final in the kitten Christmas congress.. with thanks to all the amazing judges Liesbeth Van Mullem, Vlada beninya, Jean Marc Lagarde, Harley Devilbiss,Sun Hee Lee, Larah Cunningham and Phillipa Holmes for seeing the potential in an amazing 6 month old kitten..
1 best kitten
1 3rd place
2 4th places &
1 6th place
1 best kitten
1 4th place
2 5th places &
1 6th place with a 7th place in congress..